Asian-Inspired Chicken Wraps

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  • Asian Inspired Chicken Wraps




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38 Reviews
  • JLo4U

    This one is a keeper

    So easy to make and yet so delicious. This is one you have to try.

  • susansimply1

    My kids even ate it!

    I have a very picky eater, in one of my children and she even loved this recipe!

  • SimplyMichelleK

    Family LOVES this one!

    My entire family loves this meal! It reminds us of a menu selection at one of our favorite restaurants. And I love that it can be prepared so quickly!

  • Daner517

    Best Wrap Ever !

    My kids loved this dish. I didn't even have any leftovers. My 15 year old son made them all by himself.

  • TSbySuzy

    For lunch AND dinner

    My 9 year old loved them so much for lunch she asked to have them again at dinner...we did wait a day:)

  • Mojo

    Easy to make and so delicious!

    My grown daughter had dinner duty and she chose this recipe. I figured I would do a little work while she was cooking, but 15 minutes after she started dinner it was time to eat! This recipes was delicious, everyone gave it a thumbs up and it was simple to prepare and only 1 pan to wash.

  • Renie S

    So many ways to enjoy this recipe!

    I can't believe how easy this recipe is to make and I have found so many different ways to serve this.

  • TSwithkammie

    My Kids loved this!

    Our family loved this recipe! The kids are picky eaters but they loved the chow mein noodles in this one!

  • dfoster

    Quick and delicious!!

    Made this for my husband and I and HE LOVED IT! And so easy!!!

  • mstokrp

    Delicious! Love the crunch!

    I used red bell pepper & carrots instead of the the chow mein noodles. I also used a spinach soft taco. It was so tasty!