Bold Berry Pork Tenderloin

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  • Bold Berry Pork Tenderloin




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4 Reviews
  • Beth Nielson

    Best Pork Tenderloin EVER

    We love pork tenderloin, and this is by far the very best recipe we've ever made! Absolutely delicious!

  • Lauralynn M Angel

    Berry Sauce

    I make the pork loin all the time, it’s a 5 star family favorite!

  • Maura

    An Absolute Hit!!

    This is so yummy!! The only change I made is after applying the seasoning rub I seared for 2-3 mins on each side in a cast iron skillet over medium heat while the oven was heating. Then, using the cast iron skillet, I baked for 10 mins, applied the sauce and then baked for the remaining time. Any leftovers were used the following day for lunch to make quesadillas with a twist!

  • AngP

    Awesome Dish

    Easy to make and delicious! Will definitely make again.