Pesto Chicken

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  • tswithambera

    Delicious Dinner Dish

    This was a simple recipe that I tweaked slightly with shredded Italian cheese blend since I didn’t have slices on hand. Served with a side of penne tossed with a little additional pesto mix.

  • Kari P

    Easy and Delicious!!!

    My family was getting sick of the same old chicken recipes, so when I looked up "chicken" and saw this recipe I decided to make it. WOW it was a hit! It was a super simple recipe that was absolutely delicious! This will be a regular chicken recipe. *Use thicker chicken breasts so your stuffing stays in*

  • TSbyRoberta

    Amazing flavor!

    This has become one of our favorite recipes! The pesto has an amazing flavor and the dish is so easy to prepare. I used a few different kinds of cheese - mozzarella, parmesan and colby jack. One night we served it as pesto chicken sandwiches and once we made it with pork chops. This is a definite crowd pleaser ... and a dish that is in our regular rotation.

  • nafdm

    Loved it!

    I love pesto and this is one of my favorite recipes. Even my husband, who doesn't like pesto, enjoyed this recipe. It is very flavorful and not strong as pesto usually is.

  • bored with cooking

    Dinner done in 40 minutes

    This was simple to make and very flavorful. My picky meat and potatoes husband loved it.

  • Superjok80

    Super flavorful chicken!

    The pesto really brightens up the chicken! The recipe is simple and quick, too! I use thin sliced chicken breasts.

  • Carrie S


    This chicken was so easy to prepare and it smelled amazing while cooking. A winner for my family!