Sunny Lemon Pound Cake & Icing Mix Preparation & Suggestions

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  • Ms. Yzzi

    Blueberry lemon strawberry pound cake

    So easy So good So fresh Just added fresh blueberries to the pound cake recipe Topped with fresh strawberries and the glaze.

  • Jenrn

    We love the lemon pound cake!

    We love lemon and this lemon pound cake mix certainly didn’t disappoint us! Moist and delicious and lemony! Sooooo sad to not be able to get it agin!!

  • Travelgal


    I made this cake yesterday, exactly as directed. It was a huge hit! Really good flavor! Would love to have an orange version.

  • Cake fan


    This cake has just the right amount of lemon flavor. I added 3/4 cup of fresh blueberries and it was wonderful. I omitted the butter from the glaze, just added water and it was the prefect consistency for summer. Please make more of this- everyone loves it!

  • TS Fan for 7 years

    Lemon Cake...Yum

    So good and so easy to make. I will purchase again and yes I recommend this product.

  • Judy T

    Just the right amount of lemon!

    We loved this! Just the right amount of lemon ... The icing was perfect with it. The last time I made it in the silicone mini bar pan, which was a perfect grab and go size. Added sliced strawberries to a couple of the pieces and wow that was delicious. I just ordered two more boxes.

  • Buyanit

    Lemon Loaf

    This stuff was such a hit! So easy to make and so delicious. We served it with homemade strawberry jam a friend made and it was out of this world. It stands along though as well.

  • JennyRomaine


    We all enjoyed this cake! ThW icing is the best part! I made it into mini bundts that I garnished with blueberries and blackberries. Wish I had bought more than one mix!

  • SpiceyladyFan

    Yummy.. Lemon Pd Cake

    Delish!! So easy to make My 15yr old loves making these cakes. Little Tip... Use a Little lemon juice when Making Icing Yum +put a little on side add food coloring drizzle over.. easy and Pretty

  • Angus Lady

    Great Lemon Pound Cake

    Love it, my picky husband liked it too, ate 2 pieces!!! Thank you.