Savory Shaker Sampler

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Anyone with good taste will love these mini shakers of six essential TS EatWell seasonings. Great for grillers, singles, college students and more. Item: 101315

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3 Reviews
  • Amber Herzog

    Amazing Flavor

    I love TS seasonings. Our favorites are the garlic garlic and the onion onion. We will definitely be ordering other items.

  • Peggy Najera

    Spice It Up Sampler

    The Absolute Best Way For Anyone New To Tastefully Simple To Get An Amazing Assortment Of The Most Essential Seasonings At The Best Price!! A Little Goes A Long Way With These Products & I Am Absolutely Hooked Thanks To This Delicious Box Set!!

  • Beth

    Spice it up sampler

    Loved the garlic garlic for homemade garlic bread very tasty. As are the seasoned salt and pepper.