Sweet Pepper Jalapeño Jam

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Distinctive, sweet and slightly spicy topper for grilled shrimp, chicken, salmon and burgers. Spoon over cream cheese for last-minute entertaining.

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  • Distinctive, sweet and slightly spicy topper for grilled shrimp, chicken, salmon and burgers. Spoon over cream cheese for last-minute entertaining. Serves 16. (11 oz.).
  • Sweet Pepper Black Bean Tacos: Fresh corn on the cob, grilled and tossed with pico de gallo and Sweet Pepper Jalapeño Jam. Serve in mini tortillas with refried black beans, avocado, queso fresco and cilantro.
  • Serve as a dip for shrimp, french fries, onion rings, or chicken fingers.
  • Spoon onto warm cornbread or muffins.
  • Spread bagels with cream cheese; add a spoonful as a delicious topper.
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INGREDIENTS: Red bell peppers, green bell peppers, sugar, corn syrup, mild red jalapeño peppers, green jalapeño peppers, pectin, citric acid.

Manufactured in a facility that processes milk, fish, soy and wheat.

no gluten ingredients

No gluten ingredients

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42 Reviews
  • Cheri

    Sweet Pepper Jam

    This product is excellent. Great mix of sweet and spicey. I pour it over cream cheese for a quick snack or you could mix it together into a cheese ball and serve it as an appetizer. Love it!!!!!

  • carol heckman

    Sweet Pepper Jalapeno Jam

    I have used this product for topping cream cheese ever since I tried it like this at a party. Recently though I have mixed it with the cream cheese for a spread instead. The other night I used it to top chicken then baked for a different topping instead of marinade. and my family loved it. I am going to try on pork chops this week to see what they think. I always have a jar in my fridge and one as back up. LOVE it

  • Patti Rollins

    Sweet Pepper Jam

    This is really good. Not that sweet or hot. I like it on my bagel and it is also very good on everything I've tried, like topping on chicken, mixed with ground beef, and in casseroles.

  • viola F scheurer

    Excellent flavor. use on bagels, toast or even in some sauces

    Taste so good on many things

  • MP

    Best Pepper Jam

    This is the absolute best pepper jelly around. It is not to spicy with just enough sweet to balance. It can be used for so many things. Family staple at our house.

  • Christine (Chris) McMullen

    Sweet Pepper Jalapeno Jam

    This is one of my top favorites. I put it on my grilled cheese sandwiches, adds the perfect pizazz.

  • Kelly McClary

    The Sweetest Chicken

    For an amazing sweet & spicy chicken, this is your product! Simply bake chicken first. Then cut up your chicken and warm it in a skillet with 1/4 cup of jam! It’s Heavenly!

  • Ali

    Best product

    I absolutely love this jam. It is perfect on crackers with cream cheese.

  • josnne quesada-hernandez

    Sweet pepper jalapeño jam

    This sweet pepper jalapeño jam is the bomb!! You see bits and pieces of peppers and jalapeños in it and so sweet. Once you try it you can feel that warmth from the jalapeños in the back of your throat. Awww. It taste great with crackers toast and chicken. Yumm Yumm.

  • S Keslar


    Love this product, use it over cream cheese with crackers for most of the parties I host. Also great on a cheese tray or even as a sandwich spread.