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  • Sonja

    The best salsa mix!!

    This is the best salsa mix I’ve found since moving from Texas. It’s my husband’s favorite. I am heartbroken that it has been discontinued. Please reconsider. I have used it in so many dishes. Now I have to find a less suitable substitute or try to recreate it on my own. So sad. :-(

  • Monica Yelton

    Simply Salsa

    Great product for making my own salsa however I found out it’s now discontinued so on to another company who has a similar product. Sorry. If it’s not broke don’t fix it.

  • sandi bowen

    Best Salsa Ever

    I love this. Everyone always compliments on the Salsa. I am heartbroken that they discontinued it.

  • Catsalvano

    Amazing all by itself!

    I used this to season my chicken breasts for a low fat recipe for cheese jalapeño stuffed chicken- i am in love with this stuff !!

  • Andi76

    Simply Salsa Mix is my Secret Ingredient

    Don't stop at salsa....I use this in my fresh guacamole and it's my little super secret ingredient - I get asked to bring my guac everywhere!!

  • Luckie4us

    Good overall

    I used a can of Rotel which was smaller than what the recipe on the bottle called for, so that’s probably why it was a bit strong. I ended up adding some jarred salsa to it to dilute it some as well as give it more liquid. After that, it was very good. I took off one star because it was not as fresh of a salsa taste as I like. But it was very good if you want to make your own in a pinch. I think tweaking it a bit would make it even better.

  • OnionOnionFanJ9

    Simply Salsa Mix

    This is really good with diced tomatoes. I like my Salsa on the Mild side so I only used half of what was called for. Instead of two capfuls I used one. I also used a little if the Si Si Cilantro which gave it a little zing.

  • Martha 1

    Perfect blend of herbs and spices

    I have ordered Simply Salsa a few times in the past. I use as many fresh ingredients as I can find then add this seasoning at the end. My recommendation is to let it sit in the refrigerator for several hours afterward. You will receive lots of compliments. I have been told that I make a delicious salsa and I always share my secret.

  • Kathy K

    Easy and tasty

    So good and a snap to make! All you need is a can of tomatoes!

  • Eeyore93

    So easy, yet so delicious!

    My whole family loves the salsa I make using this mix. The other reviewers are right about it being spicy, but we love it spicy! It has a good flavor so if you want the flavor without the heat I would recommend halving the amount of mix.