Bountiful Corn Bread

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9 Reviews
  • Jutta Arena

    Tasty and easy!

    A great spin on Corn Bread and easy to make

  • Hot peppers

    Excellent Corn Bread

    It's quick and easy and oh so good. Although not as much texture and corn taste as many corn breads the whole family loved it. I may try adding a bit of cornmeal next time.

  • KaraCooks

    Super simple and super tasty

    I love this twist on the traditional beer bread. I also add a tablespoon of local honey which gives it a little extra sweetness.

  • TerriStar

    perfect with jambalaya

    Delicious, freezer and travel worthy. but there's nothing about the batter that pours....

  • KatieandJake

    A must try!

    This is so easy and delicious! I'll now have creamed corn as a staple so I can make this delicious bountiful corn bread whenever we have chili or soup. 1 recipe made 12 muffins. Always happy to have something bake a little faster.

  • Pixnlil

    Great corn bread

    This corn bread is a huge hit in my house for all occasions. So simple to make, give it a try!

  • LovingmyTS

    Delicious corn bread!

    Thoroughly enjoyed this corn bread! Moist and tasty, not at all dry like other corn bread recipes, and SO EASY !

  • TSBrittney

    So easy and yummy!

    Quick, moist and delicious corn bread that everyone loves.

  • mommyonthego

    Yummy moist corn bread!

    This is so much better than traditional corn bread. It is fantastic with soups, chili, and all by itself!