Grilled Balsamic & Herb Pork Chops

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  • Grilled Balsamic Herb Pork Chops




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  • Shelly

    SO GOOD!!!

    The Balsamic and Rustic Herb blend together so well!!! I will definitely be making this again!

  • TSJenLU

    Easy Grill or Roast Recipe

    This is such a tasty way to prepare pork chops! So tender and flavorful!

  • Mominthekitchen

    My favorite grilled pork chop recipe!

    We love this easy recipe for grilled pork chops and have made them with rustic herb and citrus herb at different times, our favorite is the citrus herb recipe. So delicious and makes any pork chop taste amazing!

  • MarjG

    Easy Freeze Ahead Pork Chop!

    I mix up the marinade and freeze 3 pork chops at a time with this recipe. It tenderizes and makes the pork tasty.

  • Kristy F

    Excellent Pork Chops

    This was a hit at my house! My son doesn't even like pork and he'd eat these. We have a whole pig in our freezer so I'll be making these more often. So easy!

  • FoodieFanMamma

    Best Chops Ever!

    My husband thought he had the perfect marinade for chops until we tried this. The secret is to let it sit overnight and grill the next day. Perfection!

  • lovegrillinmates

    So Simple but So Good!!

    I made these as a make ahead freezer meal. I froze them in 3 packs of 2 pork chops each. So easy to prep. I took them out the night before I wanted to grill them, let them thaw out in the refrigerator all day and grilled them for dinner. The marinade is very flavorful and the chops were very juicy and tender. A definite keeper.

  • Tsruth

    Very good

    We all loved made it a couple times kids even ate it

  • SarahLoveTS

    So easy and good!

    Everyone in the family loves these! So flavorful and simple to make. This will be my go-to porkchop recipe now!

  • Scrapbkmom

    so much flavor!

    This is a recipe we are going to make again and again this summer! So thankful for the 10 Meal Kit it has made cooking dinner so much easier. Family all scored this recipe a 10!